About Us

Pagos, Inc.

Pagos, Inc.SpreadsheetLIVE is developed by Pagos, Inc. We develop software solutions and provide IT consulting services to clients in various industries. Our solutions empower companies to manage and control their business logic. Our technology enables business and IT units to focus on their core business roles to drive innovation. Our products are flexible to meet changing business needs and schedules.

Pagos, Inc. – www.pagos.com

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with innovative, high-quality but simple solutions to give you the advantage on the market you need.

Our products and websites

Pagos Spreadsheet Component – www.spreadsheetcomponent.com
Pagos SpreadsheetWEB – www.spreadsheetweb.com
Pagos SpreadsheetLIVE - www.spreadsheetlive.com




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